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Valley Green Naturals Techno-farmIt took an official entry into midlife for me to realize that certain benefits really do come with age — and I’m not referring to my upcoming membership with the AARP (although I’ve heard they’re pretty great). I’m talking about having enough history behind me to truly appreciate where we’ve been, and how far we have come.

Show of hands… how many of you actually have used a manual typewriter? And I don’t mean an IBM Selectric — I’m talking manual, plink-plonk. At age 6, when I begged my parents for that blue toy typewriter, I’m sure they never imagined that one day their daughter would smoke laptop keyboards at 90 words a minute, blogging about techno advances. And when we all played “Pong” for the first time (remember that?), I certainly never thought about future needs for a playroom that can accommodate actual-size rumbling car racing seats with steering wheel, gear shift, accelerator, break and clutch pedals, and a giant flat screen TV with surround sound. It’s like something out of Fahrenheit 451! And don’t even get me started on smart phones and texting…

We have all this great technology, with which, thanks to my kids, I’ve been forced to stay somewhat current. But what have all of these technological advances done to us as people? After all, we really are social animals who need human contact. Don’t get me wrong — I embrace new technology as much as the next person. But I can’t be alone in thinking that we are slowly but surely losing touch with each other. When someone writes me a check, I don’t even need to drive to the bank anymore to make a deposit. I can scan it, log into my online banking, and proceed with the transaction electronically. And ah! That just gave me more time to accomplish something else in my day, which very likely will involve being online and void of contact with others.

The ever-growing “cold world” we’re facing has long been a contributing thrust behind our┬ábusiness, Valley GreenNaturals. We’re small… caring… concerned about others and our world… and we like it that way! How manyCindy DeVore and Art DeVore of Valley Green Naturals businesses exist today in which you can communicate directly with those who make the product they sell? And how many of the businesses that provide products to meet our daily needs are passionate about what they do?

We love interaction with customers. In fact, we encourage it! This is where technology comes in, in a very positive way to enhance personal contact. Companies that provide a service or product to customers, regardless of what that product or service is, need not only to espouse about themselves, but they need to listen. We genuinely want to know what our customers need and want from us. Fulfilling those needs and making our customers’ lives a little better in some way makes all that we do worthwhile. It’s energizing to receive messages from folks who have been touched positively by products produced by Valley Green Naturals. Each new day in the company is even better than the last. And there’s an old saying: If you love what you do, it isn’t work!

While we’re on the subject of using technology to reach out in a personal way, there’s another company whose goals are like our own in providing good-old homegrown personal service to their customers. Abe’s Market is a unique online place for finding all things natural and organic. Toys, munchies, clothes, bags, soaps, shampoos, pet treats, vitamins, home decor… you name it; they’ve got it! Know what else they’ve got in this crazy-techno-world? Incredible personalized customer service. Just like with Valley Green Naturals, if you’ve got a question about a product, you’ll get an answer straight from the people who make it. Abe’s values each and every one of their customers like they are members of a family. And that’s why Valley Green Naturals is pleased to also be a part of the Abe’s Market seller community.

So, while the rest of the world goes further into the depths of online solo-ness, rest assured that there still are folks out there who use technology to offer a “visit on the farm” or a real live chat with a baker or toymaker! How cool is that?

We’ve come a long way, baby!

Cindy DeVore
And the hard-working team at Valley Green

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