Image: Woman in ShowerAhh, the morning wake-up shower!  Warm water pours over your face and body, awakening the senses and bringing a fresh start to your day.  The shower trickles over your wet hair, and you open your favorite bottle of shampoo… this one smells woodsy, like the fresh outdoors!  You take a good whiff and lather up.  Mmm, the scent and rich suds are delightful!  What a fabulous way to start your day…

But what if we rock your morning-world with a little secret?

While lathering up with your favorite shampoo this morning, you may have massaged toxic carcinogens through your hair.  Worse yet, that warm water rinse that felt so nice actually opened up the pores in your skin, making absorption of those toxins into your body even more expedient!

Sorry to put the proverbial “damper on your day,” but if you’re using products containing coal tar — such as popular commercial dandruff shampoos — then you’re poisoning yourself before you even have breakfast.

Coal tar is used as an anti-dandruff agent, cosmetic biocide and denaturant.  Rating the highest hazard level of 10 on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database, Coal Tar is a known human carcinogen and has been banned from use in products in Canada and the European Union.  And if all this isn’t anti-green enough for you, Coal Tar is an environmental toxin and is reported to be bioaccumulative (meaning it accumulates and stays in the tissues of living organisms and in the food chain).

With this kind of information, why would the FDA allow consumers to apply such a toxic substance to their bodies?  There have been ongoing lawsuits to determine the answer to this question.  And some large-scale manufacturers in the U.S. have even removed Coal Tar from their products – Bravo!

But for those who need help with dandruff or psoriasis, whether it’s the occasional flake and dry scalp, or more severe itching and irritation, there are natural and safe products on the market that are effective alternatives.

Tea Tree Shampoo, infused with melaleuca oil from the tea tree plants of Australia, has been shown to be extremely effective in relieving mild to severe dandruff and psoriasis.  Tea tree oil has been used by the indigenous people of Australia for centuries.  Its light yellow oil is produced by steam-distilling the pine needle-like leaves of the plant.  The organic components of tea tree oil include terpenoids, and more particularly, terpinen-4-ol.  This compound must make up at least 30% of the oil in order for it to be considered “medically useful.”Image: Tea Tree Leaves

In addition to being an effective treatment for dandruff, tea tree oil has been shown to kill fungus and bacteria, including those resistant to some antibiotics.  Its many uses include treatment for acne, athlete’s foot, fungal skin infections, insect bites and minor skin irritations.

Tea Tree Shampoo also is an affordable alternative to the very pricey and chemical-laden commercial brands.  Its refreshing scent is reminiscent of bergamot and eucalyptus, and when combined with citrus essential oils, like lemon and lime, its lively and clean fragrance is like a rush of mountain-fresh air!

When shopping for tea tree shampoo, be sure to look for organic products that are sulfate-free and paraben-free.  Valley Green Naturals offers one of the only organic tea tree shampoos currently on the market.  Infused with pure lemon and lime essential oils, Hydration Plus Tea Tree Citrus Shampoo is 100% natural.  It’s made with ingredients that are Certified Organic and approved by the USDA in accordance with National Organic Program standards.

As one of Valley Green Naturals’ best-selling products, Hydration Plus Tea Tree Citrus Shampoo has received rave reviews for its anti-dandruff effectiveness.

Image: Valley Green Naturals Tea Tree Citrus ShampooA customer in Virginia wrote recently to the company, saying “This shampoo is wonderful. I have only used it a few times and am amazed how well it has treated my dandruff. My dandruff has almost completely disappeared! It will take a little while to get used to the shampoo since it is organic and truly cleans my hair. My hair is so much thicker and healthier in only a week’s time!”

Natural tea tree shampoo is truly a gift from nature.  With tea tree oil’s many medicinal uses, it has become a favorite ingredient for a variety of personal care products.  So the next time you hop into your morning shower, try “going green” with body- and eco-safe tea tree shampoo!


To your naturally great hair and good health!

Cindy DeVore & The hardworking Team at Valley Green

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