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Cool Clarity! Facial Care Line

Excellent for normal to oily or problem skin! Cool Clarity Honey Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Facial Quencher, made with raw wildflower honey, steam-distilled essential oils, bee propolis and organic botanical ingredients will keep skin clear, soft and smooth.



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Our Cool Clarity!® line of facial products is absolutely fabulous for all skin types, but it is especially beneficial and safe for acne-prone skin or occasional breakouts.  Each item is sold separately in our store, but you’ll save when you buy the set of all three products!

Our luxurious facial cleanser contains organic soap oils, anti-oxidizing raw honey, and vegetable glycerin to protect and moisturize skin naturally.  Especially beneficial for problem skin or occasional blemishes, its gentle cleansing formula with apricot kernel meal, tea tree and peppermint essential oils, and organic emollients will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and tingling. Bottle contains 4 oz.

Peppermint, the ultimate refreshing essential oil, is combined with tea tree and five-fold lemon essential oils to produce a toner that refreshes skin naturally.  Cool Clarity Facial Toner contains all-natural Witch Hazel and is wonderful for after-cleansing skin care.  Its cooling and natural astringent properties help to remove dirt from pores and leave skin naturally moisturized, smooth and soft. Bottle contains 8 fluid oz.

Our deep-penetrating facial moisturizer, Cool Clarity’s Natural Facial Quencher, contains  Bee Propolis, made by honey bees from tree and flower bud resins.  Bee propolis has been shown to contain flavanoids and numerous other beneficial micronutrients.  With cold-pressed emollients like sweet almond and rice bran oil, fast-absorbing Facial Quencher is paraben- and petrochemical-free! Bottle contains 4 oz.  (CONTAINS BEE PRODUCT.)

PLEASE NOTE: Your purchase of these products helps to support local beekeeping efforts and hive management. On behalf of the hardworking honeybees of Virginia’s Piedmont, we thank you for your support!

Read about the threat to our North American honey bee populations and what it means to the environment and our food sources. http://www.naturalnews.com/028148_honeybees_pollination.html 

Ingredients – Cleanser: local wildflower honey, vegetable glycerin, apricot kernel meal, rosemary extract, saponified organic aloe vera, organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils, pure tea tree and peppermint essential oils. Toner: Witch hazel, purified water, peppermint, tea tree and lemon essential oils, alcohol. Facial Quencher: Purified water, witch hazel, vegetable emulsifying wax, stearic acid of vegetable origin, vegetable glycerin, expeller-pressed rice bran oil, expeller-pressed sweet almond oil, organic hempseed oil, organic wheatgerm oil, Vitamin E oil, rosemary extract, bee propolis, potassium sorbate.


Here’s what our customers are saying about Cool Clarity!

“These rock! I don’t know what else to say… best product for my face in a long time and I am so happy I found you!”
- Jessica H., Oregon


“I’m thrilled! Leaves a cool, bright tingle that’s not at all drying. Even my sensitive skin hasn’t freaked out at all. First time I’m ever transitioned regimes with no issues. This one is a keeper and is highly recommended…It’s a miracle product… Again, thank you so much for this line. I will definitely be using it for as long as you make it.”
- Patricia H., California


“I’ve been using your cool clarity facial line for less than a week and I can’t believe how great my skin looks and feels. My pores have nearly disappeared, the toner is rejuvenating, and it all smells to good. I can’t wait for my next batch of goodies from you. I’m so glad I found you!”
- Shelby N., Virginia


“Woooweeee! this stuff is terrific! talk about a wake up! i am hooked on your products! i highly recommend [these] products! i love the fact that i can have a world class product without the harmful toxic cancer causing ingredients, and a totally affordable price! try it, you’ll love it!”
-Wendy E., Michigan

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