Why do we do what we do?

At Valley Green Naturals, our goal is simple: we  make products that are effective, body-safe, eco-friendly, and affordable.  And we believe that educating consumers about product ingredients and safety is essential to healthier living.  We also believe that the days of “real customer service” have fallen by the wayside.  Customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business is very important to us.  From the creation of the product, to the information and marketing we provide; the resulting sale to you, our customer, and your ultimate use of the product, we want you to be 110% pleased.  If you are not, we want to hear about it, and we will work to make things right.

So, why personal care products?  When we started off hand-making soap in the kitchen of our farm house, we began studying chemical ingredients in soaps, lotions, shampoos, toothpaste, laundry detergent, mouthwash… basically every item we put on, or in, our bodies each day.  What we learned was troubling, to say the least.  We have come to believe that many of the allergies, illnesses and increased cancer diagnoses in our population are directly related to the bombardment of chemicals we encounter each and every day — in nearly everything that we consume and use in our daily lives.  We have made it our job to carefully research every single ingredient used in each one of our products, checking its documented body-safety ratings, uses, and results of any studies conducted.  We regularly access the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database, which provides hazard ratings and information on thousands of ingredients found in personal care products, and we encourage our customers to do the same.

Smaller-Scale Production = Higher-Quality Products

Instead of outsourcing our production like many companies, at Valley Green Naturals we continue the tradition of our quality products by hand-blending and bottling only the finest ingredients in every batch we make.

With our production based in Virginia’s Northern Piedmont, we employ individuals from the local area and give back to our community through charitable contributions and employee benefits for volunteer service. Our entire team is committed to the natural and organic lifestyle, and to providing you with the purest, safest and most effective natural personal care products on the market.

Truth in Labeling

We will never abuse the terms, “organic” or “natural.” Products that we label as “organic” contain at least 70% organic ingredients.  Our oils are cold-pressed or steam-distilled; never chemically extracted, and our emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives are vegetable-derived. At Valley Green Naturals, we carefully research the safety of every ingredient we use.  In our products, you will never find a mix of organic ingredients accompanied by hazardous chemicals. We want our customers to know that they may buy from Valley Green Naturals with confidence.

Everyday Free Shipping!

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That's why we offer Everyday Free Shipping on all domestic orders of $59 or more. All orders under $59 ship for only $9.99 flat rate.

Free shipping does not apply to international orders.

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