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“The Future of Food” is a movie that was recommended to me by a friend. We had been talking about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and how prevalent they are in our food supply (literally, in nearly everything that we eat). She asked if I had seen “The Future of Food” and told me that it would change my whole viewpoint on our food supply in this country.

I rented the DVD from NetFlix, and was she ever right! If you don’t watch any of the other DVDs we’ve recommended here in our blog, you have GOT to watch The Future of Food. It should be required viewing in our nation’s schools.

This well-made documentary will absolutely infuriate you about what big business and our government leaders have to done to North American farmers and our food supply. And from what I have read, it’s now happening worldwide. There are reports of farmers in Third World countries, committing suicide because they can no longer maintain their livelihood. When you watch the DVD, you’ll learn that it’s all thanks to Monsanto Chemical Company (who, by the way, now goes by the just “Monsanto”). If you listen to NPR, you’ve probably heard Monsanto’s ridiculous radio advertisements about how they’re “helping farmers” around the globe.

Quite the opposite is true. Monsanto, and a handful of other mega-companies in our country, are working diligently to maintain complete control over food supplies around the world. And you can count on this being a fact, right down to your backyard garden! Watch the DVD, and you’ll understand.

When you see The Future of Food, you’ll want to change the way you shop for food. Everyone we know who has seen this documentary now supports local producers and organic farmers. I can almost guarantee that you will too! It’s a MUST-see!

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