Keep It Simple

A plan that works.

model standing in city streetYou know those TV commercials with the beautiful models twirling carefree through city streets, seemingly oblivious to everything around them?  One image after another of pretty young faces flashes across the TV screen, showing you “visible results.”  This is what you’ll look like if you use our product, the images say to our subconscious.  And we are transfixed.

Companies that produce those TV commercials are the mega-giants of their industry.  Their products are mass produced cheaply and efficiently on a conveyor line.  Ingredients in those mass-produced products include things like “dimethicone, octocrylene, ensulizole, and octisalate.”

Chemists who work in product development for these companies would have you believe that each new ingredient is the latest advancement in anti-aging or body-enhancing formulas.  Who cares if you can’t pronounce it – it’ll tighten your skin, so try it!

I mean, honestly, a generation ago, we weren’t using all these strange chemicals to make ourselves look young and pretty.  And I can assure you, lovely Cleopatra had only nature’s ingredients at herCleopatra disposal; yet she managed to leave a beauty legacy that has endured through the centuries.

When I ventured into my mid-forties, I suppose it would have been easy to fall into the trap of seeking out the latest and best facial moisturizers and anti-aging serums.  Instead, however, being one who embraces a simpler and less complicated lifestyle, I shunned all chemicals and began studying botanicals and natural oils to learn just what nature has to offer.  I’m at a slight advantage over Cleopatra as I have a world of information at my fingertips through the Internet.  Nonetheless, my drive and motivation to find the ultimate natural anti-aging ingredients are the same as hers were over 2,000 years ago.

Given all that I have learned about natural ingredients over the past several years, one common belief seems to join all that we work to achieve at Valley Green Naturals:  Simple is better.

We like that old saying, “Keep it simple, stupid!” Nothing could be more accurate – not only when it comes to producing high-quality natural products, but also the way in which customers should be treated and business should be handled.  I’m an old-school girl, and on the farm we’re an old-school team.  That attitude translates into every aspect of what we do at Valley Green Naturals.

Our products are chocked full of the most beneficial botanicals and super-foods for the body that nature can offer.

Does the maker of that commercial-brand facial cleanser actually stand near active bee hives, watching the beekeeper pull the honey that’s used in the product?  I don’t think so!  But at Valley Green Naturals, we do.

Does the manufacturer of that well-recognized shampoo bother to ensure that there is no carcinogen contamination in the formula before people scrub it into their scalps?  Doubtful.  But at Valley Green Naturals, no way will you find carcinogens in our products!

And that new facial moisturizer that contains nano-particles to “deeply penetrate skin layers” – does that big company tell consumers that nano-technology is largely untested, and that those chemical ingredients are bound to slip into the bloodstream and vital organs?  Ok, you got us again… Of course they won’t tell you if they don’t have to.

And by the way, we don’t use nano-ingredients at Valley Green Naturals because we think they’re unsafe.

Those chemical-laden products and anti-aging formulas you see on TV and in magazines just don’t hold a candle to what nature can offer.  Valley Green Naturals product ingredient lists are short and simple.  We do things the old-fashioned way, like hand-blending our products, steeping our own botanical oils, and working together as a trusted team to make a difference in the lives of our wonderful customers.

Call us old-fashioned if you’d like; we won’t deny it.  “Simple” works.  ‘Nuf said.


Have a wonderful day!

Cindy DeVore
And the hard-working Team at Valley Green

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