Popular, commercial-brand shampoos contain chemical “conditioners” that collect on hair and weigh it down.  When you begin using a true organic soap product, without detergents, sulfates and chemical conditioners (also known as “wetting agents”), the organic saponified oils in the shampoo will begin to strip off all of the chemicals that commercial shampoos and conditioners leave in your hair.  This can initially cause your hair to feel stiff, sticky or dry.  Some organic shampoo manufacturers refer to this as “funky- or sticky-hair syndrome,” and it is curable.  Not everyone experiences sticky-hair syndrome.  In fact, only about 3% of customers report this problem, and some experience it to a greater degree than others.

If you are interested in “going organic” and giving up commercial-brand, chemical-laden products, you may wish to go an extra step and try this rinse.  It usually works well for curing sticky-hair syndrome and can leave your hair with added body and shine.  Use a vinegar rinse (2 tbsp of white or apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water) for at least the first week.  Simply pour the vinegar rinse over your hair after shampooing, massage it through the hair, and then rinse it out.  The vinegar helps to remove the stripped chemicals from your hair, with the added benefit of balancing your hair’s pH.  After a week or so (sometimes much sooner), your hair should feel soft, shiny and natural.  (Again, only a small percentage of people experience sticky-hair syndrome, but this information is helpful to those who do!)

After the first week of using the rinse, you may continue to do so, or not – it’s your choice.  Some people enjoy the way their hair feels after using a vinegar-water rinse, and so they continue to use it daily or weekly.

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