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Versatile Vinegar!
For Hair, Health & Home.
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The “Schtick” on Organic Shampoo

Have you tried using pure organic shampoos or shampoo bars only to find that you suffer from what we in the organic hair care industry call “sticky hair syndrome?” You’re not alone! About 2% of folks report this problem, and the good news is, it’s curable! Common, commercial-brand shampoos contain chemical wetting agents that collect on hair and weigh it down.  When you begin using a truly organic product, without detergents, sulfates and chemical conditioners, the organic oils in the shampoo will begin to strip off the chemicals left in your hair. This can initially cause your hair to feel stiff or sticky. Here’s where hair-saving vinegar comes into play… 2 tablespoons of white or apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of water makes a rinse that removes those sticky chemicals for good! Read our info about how to manage this problem, and you and your hair will be bouncing with joy!

Image: Bowl of Valley Green Chili & Corn Bread

Mama Knows Chili!

More tasty goodness from the Valley Green Kitchen! In true locavore and natural style, this recipe calls for grass-fed ground beef and organic ingredients (check your local farmer’s markets or This dish is free of pesticides, herbacides, hormones and antibiotics!  Find the ingredients and directions in Cindy’s Recipe Box on the Just-a-Pinch web site!

Image: Sponges and Bottle of Vinegar

Just how great is this stuff?

At Valley Green, we think vinegar is somethin’ special!

Vinegar has absolutely fabulous antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Heck, chemical disinfectants are history at the Valley Green House!

Like so many other folks, we can’t stand the thought of cleaning a kitchen counter with chemicals when we’ll be preparing food on that same counter later. The same holds true for washing the floors. We like to walk barefoot through our old farm house, and frankly, so do our pets! (In case you didn’t notice, pets lick their feet.) So why would anyone still be using chemical cleaners in their home?

The Vinegar Institute (yes, there is such a place) has provided an online, super comprehensive list of household, health, laundry, food and kid tips for using vinegar. For example, did you know that vinegar is an all-natural and effective weed killer? And how about removing deoderent stains from clothing? Oh, and let’s not forget that vinegar added to water makes a fantastic foot soak for softening calloused skin and bringing relief to arthritic or achey joints.  Of course, at Valley Green we also love vinegar as a natural rinse that balances hair’s pH and provides body and shine!

Check out The Vinegar Institute’s List and try out their suggestions! Using vinegar in your home in place of chemicals is just one more positive step to healthier living for you and your family.

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Eco-friendly Gift Set Featured

Valley Green Naturals’ popular “Blue Ridge Gift Box” was featured this Fall on’s Blog! Valley Green Naturals offers a variety of natural product gift sets for both men and women. Our eco-friendly and body-safe gift sets are perfect for those who embrace a lifestyle “au naturel!”

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Find Us!

Looking for Valley Green Naturals products in stores? Since our launch in 2009, Valley Green Naturals has been primarily an online source for purchasing natural and organic personal care goods. But we’re growing! If you know a store or salon where you would like to see Valley Green Naturals products sold, tell them! The store owner or manager can request a wholesale catalog right from our web site. In the meantime, check out our store locator to see if Valley Green Naturals products are sold near you. Remember, it’s the word of our loyal and dedicated customers that keeps us going (and growing) strong!

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Free Shipping at Abe’s!

Did you hear the news?

Our retail partner Abe’s Market is offering free shipping for a limited time only!

Abe’s offers all things natural, from baby supplies to beauty, and handbags to muffin mix!

Check out Abe’s today and be sure to pick up your Valley Green Naturals products while you’re there!

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Our next subscriber drawing is October 31st! Will you be our next winner?

The Season

This is our favorite time of year at Valley Green. The blowing leaves through the valley offer bright hues of gold, red and amber; the grapevines of the neighboring vineyard begin their rest, and there’s a brisk feeling of accomplishment in the air, just as nature intended. Life passes right by us if we don’t take time to stop and notice it.

We hope that this harvest season has been a fulfilling and happy one for you and your family. Have a fun and safe Halloween (and don’t forget to check out our current discount offer below)!

All our natural best,
Cindy DeVore & The Hard-working Team at Valley Green

Image: Book - Maine Farm, A Year of Country Life

Recommended Reading

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring and amazing, March 31, 2011
This review is from: Maine Farm: A Year of Country Life (Hardcover) From
“This is the story of two families that have created a beautiful, sustainable-living farm in Maine. For those

in awe of the geography of Maine, the photographs will draw you in to every little nook and cranny, and then completely blow you away. Creativity and perseverance are on every page. I read about this book on a blog and
ordered it immediately. I have not been disappointed. I’m savoring it and enjoying every page and change of
season that the occupants tackle. Filled with heirloom tomatoes, lobsters, and blueberries, there’s something
here for everyone. More than a picture album, the story of making a home is powerful.”

Image: DVDs - Future of Food and Food, Inc.

Recommended ViewingChanged the way I eat!, September 20, 2010

5.0 out of 5 stars
This review is from: The Future of Food (Two Disc Special Edition) / Food Inc. (2 Pack) (DVD) From

“This simple video says it all; we are destroying ourselves trying to save an almighty buck! The contamination we are causing to ourselves and the earth is unwarranted. This video is a real eye-opener! My husband and I have changed how and where we shop for our food. We are searching out locally, naturally raised meat and organic produce (also local whenever possible) until we can raise our own. We are spending more money for food and we do not mind one bit! The quality is better and the product is safer to eat! Vine-ripened vs. gas-ripened = no comparison! The companies who are taking advantage of their workers should be ashamed of themselves. We won’t buy from any of the “Big Guys” again!”

Image: Country Road in Fall

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