Around this time of the year, many people begin to think about a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight. And for the past four years or so, I’ve counted myself among those who make promises to eat better (and eat less), exercise more, and shed some of that excess body cushioning!

I began losing my svelte-self around four years ago. I was then 44 years old, busier than ever, with less time for exercising and eating well. And, like so many others dealing with a downturn in the economy, I was financially stressed. I’ve always wished that I could be one of those women who just can’t eat when I’m upset about something. But oh, no…. for as long as I can remember, food has always been my comfort. In fact, just the saying the words, “comfort food” conjures images of steaming chicken pot pies, mashed potatoes and deliciously fattening cream soups!

And although I’ve managed to improve the quality of the food I’m eating these days (Art and I buy groceries that are certified organic whenever possible), that doesn’t mean that I’ve reduced my fat, cholesterol or calorie intake in a healthful manner. In fact, did you know that you can make an absolutely awesome dish of totally organic Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo? The pure, organic butter makes it taste incredible. Sorry… there I go again!

Organic dishes may be chemical- and pesticide-free, but I’m sorry to say, they’re not always low-cal…

Yesterday, as I emptied my Christmas stocking of its goodies, I found a gift to myself that I had stuck in the bottom of the sock about a week ago. It’s called the “Walking Fit Kit,” and it contains simply a pedometer and an audio CD that’s supposed to get you motivated and moving. This week, I also read an article in Family Circle that featured several women who lost anywhere from 75 to 120 pounds simply by walking every day and eating a more healthful diet.

What could be easier? I thought. Ha!

As my business continues to grow, and my schedule gets busier, I find that I have an easy excuse for failing to exercise. Yet, I also know that there are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies who make their daily work-out an absolute priority in their lives.

So this is where it’s time to get serious. And my business partner, Mary (who, by the way, has never lost her svelteness), has chosen a 5K run for the two of us to participate in this coming spring. I think I’d better get moving!

Even though we haven’t yet turned the corner on a New Year, I’m starting today! And as an extra incentive to keep at it, I’ll be sharing my progress on the blog. That picture you see at the top of this post was me, about five years ago. Here I was this past summer, about 30 pounds heavier…

Just as big and exciting changes are underway for Valley Green Naturals in the next year, big changes are underway for me, too.

I resolve to be healthier in 2011! Join me, and share your experience!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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